Become Part of Our "2018 Mystical Mermaids" Calendar
Benefiting Make-A-Wish Colorado
Contest is Ending, Must have Photo Session Before Oct.15, 2017
“Moms, Here’s Your Rare Chance To Create An Experience of a Lifetime For Your Own Child... While Doing a Good Deed To Help Others!”
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Magic, Wonder, Fantasy and The Power of Granted Wishes!
As you know, life is filled with many wonderful experiences that money simply can never buy. Truly great experiences for your own child will last an entire lifetime while physical items will only quickly fade into distant and forgettable memories.

That’s why this rare opportunity to give your child the most magical and precious memories (while helping sick children who are less fortunate) is a complete WIN-WIN for everyone.

The 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar is the perfect opportunity for you and your own child to truly become part of something truly unforgettable. Your own child will get the chance to become part of something that will be etched in their memory forever, and in a good way! They will get to be part of something mystical, magical and downright fun! It’ll be like a childhood dream for them, made into their own reality for one special moment in time!
And the best news of all, all of the proceeds go to the
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado for a good cause!
Here’s How To Enter Our Model Search..
With a $50 donation per child to Make-A-Wish Colorado, you’ll receive these amazing benefits...
  • An Exclusive and FREE “Mystical Mermaids” Photography Session!
  •  Complete Access To Use Our Enchanted Wardrobes (Pirates and Mermaids!) 
  •  One FREE Social Media Image (Official Participant Announcement) 
  •  Get to wear a Beautiful  Headpiece Crown Accessory! 
  •  One Official Entry Into Our 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar Contest! 
  •  Mermaid Make-Up              
The 3-Step Calendar Process In Detail...
Before we talk about the 3-step calendar process, we’d like to emphasize that 100% of the proceeds from all 3 steps in the Mystical Mermaids Calendar Contest will be donated to Make-A-Wish Colorado.

Not only are we dedicating all the proceeds to this amazing cause, but we’re also donating our own time, personal talents and hard work to support this amazing foundation to grant some special wishes for some very sick children that are less fortunate.
“The more proceeds that can be gathered, the more wishes Make-A-Wish
can grant to some very deserving and amazing kids!”
With that being said, here are the 3 phases or stages of the calendar process...
Step #1: Photo Sessions (Now Through Oct. 15th)
During this initial stage of the calendar process, we will conduct all photo sessions in our studio (opened NOW until October 15, 2017). These spots will fill up very quickly so it’s important to sign up as soon as possible to book your spot. Remember, this will be the only time we will be offering our special edition Mystical Mermaids sessions. Keep in mind we are usually book out one month in advance , Don't Delay!
Step #2: Online Voting (Oct. 15th – Nov. 15th)
During this second stage of the calendar process, all participants will be entered into our online voting contest. Votes are $1 each, with a $5 minimum per transaction. It’s during this stage that it’s the most important time to get out there and get votes from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and more. The more votes you get means the more money you will raise for the Make-A-Wish foundation AND the top 13 people who get the most votes will be featured in the 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar! 
Voting ends Nov. 15th at midnight! Winners will be announced a few days after the closing date.
Step #3: Calendar Sales
The final stage of the calendar process is calendar production and sales. The winners will have a new photo shoot specifically for the calendar. The 2018 Mystical Mermaids calendars will be sold for $12 each. Our #1 goal and top priority is to distribute these amazing calendars throughout all of Colorado throughout as many homes, businesses and organizations as possible to spread awareness of this wonderful cause!
The #1 Reason Why We’re Doing This is: 

      The whole purpose behind the 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar is to not only give your child an amazing memory that they’ll cherish for a lifetime, but to also makes some wishes come true for some very special children in need. We’re very proud to partner with Make-A-Wish Colorado in order to make these dreams become a reality.

Here at Fairy Tale Experiences Photo Studio, WE believe that a child’s imagination is one of their greatest gifts and that’s why we’re firm believers in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This foundation helps families grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.One wish granted to a child in need can have a tremendous impact on their lives. It can give them a sense of happiness and courage to move forward with medical treatments. It can give them hope for healing. It can give them a cherished memory they will carry with them for the rest of their life.
Those who help make these wishes become a reality for these great kids will also feel the great satisfaction knowing that they helped to make a big impact in the life of a sick child and their family as well.

So as you can see, a wish is more than just a fleeting thought. It’s hope. It’s happiness. It’s about changing the lives of MANY in life-changing, positive ways.

We’re extremely proud to say that last year with through our Fairy calendar we were able to donate $12,000 to help grant some very special wishes to some amazing kids and we’re excited to do it all over again!
“When you become part of the 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar experience, you and your family will get to be part of that magical process!”
We will have a total of 13 winners when this calendar is completed. Our Grand Prize winner will be the lucky person who gets the most votes. Not only will they become the prized cover model for the 2018 Mystical Mermaids Calendar, but they’ll also win a huge prize package valued at $5,000!

The other 12 winners will also receive amazing photography prizes, and have the chance to pick which month they want to be featured. The picking order will be based on the amount of total votes each of the 12 runner-ups received.

ALL winners will also receive an additional photo session (at no charge) for the pictures that’ll be used in the calendar. This will include a complete makeover with hair and make-up!
F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
What do I need to bring to the session?
Please come with the childs hair done and ready to go. We will provide a crown headpiece and the wardrobe. We recommend you bring a pair of tights to wear underneath so tail can slip on better.

What if I have more than one child? Or an adult wants to participate? The set donation amounts is $50 donation fee per person, adult or child but the calendar entry is for children ages 0-16 only. Moms can participate in the session but the voting picture will be of child alone as it is a children's calendar.

Can I get a promotion for each of my kids? No, it is only ONE Complimentary social media image per Family. Offer can not be combined with any other promotion/offer. Additional children can be added to same session.

What is a social media image (Official participants Announcement)? It is a small web sized file where it announces that your child is an official participant of the 2018 Mystical Mermaids calendar contest. You can use it for sharing your image online on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is not a picture for printing.

What if I want portraits? There is no obligation to purchase any, but if you wish to do so our collections investment start at $79.99 and go up from there depending on the size and finish, we have something for everyone.

What if my child doesn't cooperate during the photo session? We will certainly try our best and interact with your child to get natural expressions and smiles.  We will capture what is present. The $50 donation fee is non-refundable as it is a donation and we have invested our studio time and efforts.
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